NEWS: The Institutions for Conflict Resolution Network Publishes a Special Issue on the Legitimacy of Institutions for Conflict Resolution



Our special issue on legitimacy of institutions for conflict resolution, published by Utrecht Law Review, is out! This issue is a collaboration between Leiden University, Utrecht University and Radboud University Nijmegen.


In the issue, we aim to gain a better understanding of legitimacy within the context of institutions for conflict resolution by examining (1) whether and, if so, how studying institutions for conflict resolution through the lens of legitimacy can deepen our understanding of these institutions, and (2) whether and, if so, how studying legitimacy in the specific context of institutions for conflict resolution can enrich our understanding of legitimacy. The papers included in the issue showcase the diversity of  ways in which legitimacy of institutions for conflict resolution may be researched, as the papers focus on different types of conflicts that take place within different fields of law and involve different kinds of institutions.


The issue was co-edited by Lucas Noyon, Lisa Ansems, Thomas Riesthuis and Ronald Tinnevelt. It contains papers by Miranda Boone, Mieke Kox, Asmaa Khadim, Janine Ubink, Bernardo Almeida, Sophie Koning, Thomas Riesthuis, Eva Grosfeld, Armin Cuyvers, Daniël Scheepers and Frans van Dijk.


A big thank you to all, and happy reading!